Invitation to the University of Michoacan’s 2nd Annual Conference “Towards the protection of the Human Rights of migrants and their families”

Do you carry out research work on migration, or are you a part of academic institutions, migrant clubs, civic organizations and national and international governmental bodies that work with migrants and their families? Are you involved at different stages and circumstances of the migration process? Do you work with the returnees, those who are in transit in Mexico, with migrants from other countries who stay in Mexico, with the migrants who come and go, with the migrant agricultural day laborers, the displaced and refugees? If so, you are invited to attend and participate in the University of Michoacan’s second annual conference “Towards the protection of the Human Rights of Migrants and Their Families.”


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Están invitadas todas las personas que realizan trabajos de investigación sobre migración, o que forman parte de instituciones académicas, clubes de migrantes, organizaciones civiles e instancias gubernamentales nacionales e internacionales que trabajan con migrantes y sus familias, en diferentes etapas y circunstancias del proceso migratorio: los que radican fuera de México, con los retornados, los que se encuentran en tránsito en este país, con los migrantes de otros países que se quedaron a radicar en México, con los migrantes que van y vienen, con los jornaleros agrícolas migrantes, con los desplazados y refugiados, entre otros.

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Author: Alma

Passionate about learning, I'm a lifelong student interested in cognitive science, consciousness, language learning, yoga, dance, the creative process and most importantly, the art of parenting three sons. I write for online publications in Spanish and English. I love travel, culture and life in modern day Mexico.

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