The following text is an excerpt taken from my application to the Edie Windsor Scholarship granted by Lesbians Who Tech. I am a recipient of the scholarship and plan to begin a Javascript Fullstack Developer boot camp online. I will be blogging about my boot camp experience, as well as my other coding and technology-related interests and endeavors as I continue on this path, shifting from technology teacher and STEM program volunteer to a more tech-focused career.

The Face of a Working Mom

The first time I signed up for a computer science class I was a breastfeeding mom working online as an English as a Second Language teacher. It was my deep curiosity to understand the learning management system and the virtual learning environments we used on a daily basis that drew me to learn more. I realized that computer science and programming were areas where I could do what I love: learn new things continuously, impact on lives, help people, and ultimately, provide a better life for my family. 



Fast forward several years and I am completeing a graduate degree in Learning and Education. As a part of the program, I took a Qualitative Statistics course, which sparked more interest in data science. So I took the introductory course designed for IBM by Professor Murtaza Haider called Data Science Foundations. Both courses solidified my interest in the area. 

Because Representation Matters

I would like to add that without a role model, I would have never come this far. My good friend and now business partner, Gilda Villaseñor, helped me realize the power of a career in tech. Together we started a learning community that helps women and girls learn about programming called C Girls Code, and we have been implementing the Technovation Challenge.


Please Pick Me

I hope you consider me as a viable candidate, it would be an honor to receive the scholarship- it would not only change my life but the lives of my family and girls and women in the communities I work with.



WhatsApp Image 2019-06-20 at 1.13.35 PM

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