Greetings fellow Earthling!

My name is Alma. I grew up in New York but you will likely find me in Mexico. Learning, teaching, communication, cognitive science, and technology get my heart racing. I have a diverse background that includes teaching, working in digital media, project manager and entrepreneur. My motto is: life is meant for learning.

Currently, I’m learning to code Javascript and C through different MOOCs. I provide consulting services for educational technology enhancement, teach English as a Second Language, train business executives in presenting and interviewing in English, and offer networking opportunities for those looking to do business in Mexico. I’m actively involved with Toastmasters through a local chapter and help run an educational organization called C Girls Code.

Photo Credit: Javier Sanzcor

I create content in Spanish and English and love public relations and cross-cultural communications; useful skills to have when working with people from all over the world!

If you have some time and want to read some of my past articles, check them out at El Silabario,on my Linked In Pulse feed or on my blog here on this site.

There is a contact form to get in touch with me and please follow me on social media. Live long and prosper!