The projects that I am most passionate about are ones that have at the core, the mission to empower and educate.

Immigration and International Relations

My involvement with migrants, returnees, and deportees stems from my interest in politics, political advocacy, and international relations. The projects that deal with immigration that I am currently actively participating in is with the Secretariat of Migrants for the State of Michoacan as a policy advisor. We are a team of advisors from the private and public sector, who want to offer real-world solutions to help form better public policy. The advisor panels are divided into separate commissions, and once a month we meet with the dynamic Jose Luis Gutierrez, who heads up the Secretariat.

E-Commerce, Learning, and Technology

As a young student, I experienced first hand how damaging a teacher’s belief about gender and intelligence could be; I was told I was not good at math because I was a girl.

Unfortunately, I believed what that teacher told me and stayed away from math,  engineering, and the hard sciences until I was an adult. However, since I have always been a very curious person who loves asking questions, my beginner’s mindset is essentially the reason why I started learning to code, after asking myself how an LMS (learning management system) I used as an online teacher worked.

From there I signed up for David Malan’s CS50x through and later my good friend and master Quality Assurance engineer, Gilda Villaseñor, began teaching and mentoring me in computer science. Together we started C Girls Code, a social enterprise focused on educating women and girls in computer programming skills.  We then joined forces with the driven electronic engineer, Maria Makarova, and opened the Michoacan chapter of Technovation Challenge. My participation with Technovation Challenge has been as a volunteer mentor and regional ambassador. I have also collaborated with Iridescent Learning, the non-profit behind Technovation Challenge, as a freelance academic translator.

Currently, Gilda and I have co-founded an e-commerce consultancy firm, Calenda Tech, that focuses on bringing high-quality e-commerce services to vendors with an interest in selling in Latin America and beyond.