In 2017, I was prompted to write and self-publish via Amazon my very first book. Aimed at empowering immigrant youth who are deported to Mexico, or face the possibility of being deported, this book continues to be a passion project as I continue to learn about the real-life implications of immigration, international relations, and geopolitics for everyday people. It is available in English and Spanish.


Online articles

Over the years, I have created content for different websites, blogs, and private clients. The topics that I have covered have been cultural and human interest pieces. You can find samples of my writings on these websites:

El Silabario (English and Spanish)

  1. Combi Etiquette
    • A practical guide on how to use Mexico’s combi public transport service. (English)
  2. Inmigrantes en Morelia
    • A human interest piece about immigrants in Central Mexico. (Spanish)
  3. Cantina 2.0: La Monina Roneria
    • A review of a local cantina, owned and run by a French immigrant. (Spanish)
  4. ¡A Correr Morelia!
    • An advice article on the benefits of running and tips for beginners. (Spanish)
  5. Como sobrevivir el regreso a clases
    • An advice article on how to survive back to school. (Spanish)

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Life In My Mexico

This is my personal blog that I updated on a semi-regular basis for about seven years, from 2007 to 2016.

Colectiva Nänä: Fibra de Coco, Manta y Más

This blog was how I generated business for my small startup, and I learned the basics of Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and content marketing. From 2009 to 2012, I ran this sustainable development business, designing and selling coconut fiber bags, as an alternative to plastic shopping bags. I also brokered coconut fiber pots and hydroponic material to wholesale clients.


Investigación y Acción en Temas Migratorios

In August of 2017, I presented at the University of Michoacan’s first symposium on Investigation and Action on Migrant Themes. The event was entirely in Spanish, I presented my proposal of how educational technology can empower migrant students. Read more here.