Greetings fellow Earthling!

Photo Credit: Gab Carrizales
There is information on this site in Spanish, my second language, my first language is English. I have studied other languages, mainly Italian, Portuguese and French. Speaking more than one language is quite good for the brain and I encourage you to learn a new language today!


My name is Alma. I was born and raised in New York and after graduating from college, went on a path of adventure and moved to Mexico. At the moment, I work in international education managing a social impact and innovation program in Mexico City.

My background includes technology and language instruction, project management, digital media, and entrepreneurship. A sustainable development entrepreneur, I sold reusable coconut fiber bags, creating content and selling them online. Which led to my most recent endeavor in e-commerce consultancy.

With over a decade of teaching and training experience, I have worked with just about everyone, from business executives to kindergartners to orphans. I love being involved in my community. I have volunteered as a public relations representative for a local chapter of Toastmasters and help found and run an educational organization called C Girls Code. Learning, writing, teaching, and being around smart, scrappy, creative people get my heart racing.

I believe that life is about learning- it’s no fun when I am not learning something new! Which explains why I am a coding enthusiast and have taken Javascript and C programming classes through different MOOCs. My passion for learning and technology will soon have me in a boot camp- I am an Edie Windsor Coding Scholar thanks to Lesbians Who Tech! I will be joining the Javascript Fullstack Developer online program with Barcelona Code School.

Finally, I create content in Spanish and English. You can find samples of my work in the Publications section of this site.  Please feel free to reach out, send me an email at or for e-commerce consultancy inquiries, please email me at I’d love to hear from you!