So you want to speak better English?

Can you use your natural brain's wiring and imitate like a baby? Learning a foreign language can be one of the most challenging things we do as adults. When it comes to English as a foreign language, most people start learning as young children and hear the same grammar lessons over and over and over … Continue reading So you want to speak better English?

Bilingual children

Raising children in the 21st century is a harrowing task. The media and internet bombard parents with reality TV shows, books about parenting styles, Tweets on trends, blogs with never ending lists of dos and don'ts on how to raise children. Add having your children in a foreign country to the mix and things will … Continue reading Bilingual children

Metas S.M.A.R.T en tu aprendizaje de inglés

Desde que la humanidad caminó erguida, hemos utilizado nuestra creatividad para ingeniar soluciones. Y cuando los equipos de trabajo multidisciplinarios colaboran, crean productos como Embrace Baby Warmer, una incubadora para bebes prematuros que no requiere de electricidad, puede ser desinfectada fácilmente y tiene un costo de treinta dólares, permitiendo que estos bebés nacidos en países … Continue reading Metas S.M.A.R.T en tu aprendizaje de inglés