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Certifications and Training

I am currently pursuing the certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge and blue team training with RangeForce thanks to the ICMCP training scholarship.

I have certifications and training in:

Creative Nuggets

I have used my creativity, communication and "soft skills" to design and build educational and informative artifacts that provide value to Latinx and BIPoC communities.

Cybersecurity in Education: BrownSTEM

I sit on the educational design team for BrownSTEM, a science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine middle and high school school. We are designing the first cybersecurity middle and high school program for East San Antonio, Texas for BIPoC students.

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Financial Education with Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll

Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll is an inspiration for the people across the world who have seen his TED talk over 9 million times. I have been fortunate enough to team up with Wall Street to help him bring his message of financial literacy to social media.

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Learning Design: The Quick and Dirty on Transmedia

Website companion for Digital Innovation class for junior high technology students.

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A Survival Guide for Natural Born Mexicans

I self-published a book for the children of Mexican parents who were either born and raised outside of Mexico, or born in Mexico and raised outside of Mexico. The goal of the book is to help these children of Mexican parents navigate modern day Mexican society, and the government and education systems.

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